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This is…

The deadliest flower to the insect world

Tanacetum cinerariifolium (yes a Daisy)


Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum

Kills On-Contact.

1 day withholding period.

Spray today… and pick tomorrow.

Natural Pyrethrum Insecticide

Py-Bo, is a solvent free botanical insecticide, built on Natural Pyrethrum from Chrysanthemums.

Natural Pyrethrum has many biocides : pyrethrin I and II, cinerin I and II, and jasmolin I and II, known collectively as “pyrethrum”, all 6 biocides affect the insects simultaneously.

No insect resistance

If you can hit them… they will die.

Pyrethrum’s six biocides each have a different mode of action and impact differently (on the insect).

They work by paralysing the insect’s nervous system, resulting in death.

Quick re-entry

Once the last has drop cleared, workers can re-enter the area sprayed.

Pyrethrins are rapidly metabolised by the body, there’s no build-up to chronic poisoning.

1 Day Withholding

Natural pyrethrum breaks down under UV light.

Py-Bo won’t be detectable after a few hours of sunlight.

Because pyrethrum breaks down so quickly, it’s ideally suited for use in multi-pick produce.

On Contact

Rapid knockdown, kills by contact.

Effective against a wide variety of hard-to-kill insects like aphids, beetles, leafhoppers, and certain caterpillars.


What insects ?

If you can hit them… they will die.



Cabbage moths and other caterpillars








Grain weevils, beetles and moths

Beetles and other flying insects





Check this label

Mixing Py-Bo

Most situations use 1mL of Py-Bo per litre of water

A 1ltr is enough to make a 1000 litres

And… 5ltrs is enough to make 5 IBC’s

It makes this much… because Py-Bo is a concentrate with 80 g/L of pyrethrum

You won’t find a stronger concentrate of pyrethrum

Keep Py-Bo ready in the shed.

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