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This is…

The deadliest flower to the insect world

Tanacetum cinerariifolium (yes a Daisy)


Quick kill

Fast re-entry

No residue

The fogging oil that kills insects, without leaving residues

Drift has a high concentrate of natural pyrethrum and PBO for misting or thermal fogging of flying insects in warehouses and outdoors

Fast Knockdown

Pyrethrum kills insects almost instantly upon contact

Flushing out effect, insects exposed to DRIFT become irritated, induced involuntary and erratic movement into the fog droplets

Quickly leads to paralysis and death of the insect

Less Residue

Drift’s high pyrethrum concentration means faster to use with less liquid

Pyrethrum and PBO have no residue beyond a few hours

Less residues on walkways, machinery and equipment

Versatile Applications

DRIFT can be applied through

  • ULV mister
  • thermal fogger
  • spraying equipment

An oil base is a light iso-paraffin especially chosen for use in food processing areas

Quick re-entry

Once the last has drop cleared, workers can re-enter the area sprayed

Pyrethrins are rapidly metabolised by the body, there’s no build-up to chronic poisoning


DRIFT gives effective control with an enhanced kill and inhibits the insects natural resistance

What insects?


Flour moths

Grain moths  


Vinegar flies






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Application of Drift

Drift is ‘ready to go’ out of the bottle, then it depends on the drop size for the situation

Thermal fogger

Indoor & Outdoor

Creates a visual fog of small droplets ( < 5 microns)

Fogging is the most effective method of control, uses small amounts of pesticide

DRIFT used in a thermal fogger generates huge volumes of dense, thick fog which can reach metres

Achieves immediate, targeted impact, ensures maximum coverage within a space

ULV mister

Indoor & Outdoor

Creates a mist of small droplets (5 – 20 microns)

Misting provides light fumigation ideal for internal areas. Low noise levels, low volume of carrier fluids, low application cost

DRIFT used used in an Ultra Low Volume mister lowers the risk of injury due to fog cloud being nearly invisible

Mist can target its trajectory towards surfaces or areas with relative accuracy

ULV mister and DRIFT, make sure it can use oil, majority uses water as the carrier

Spraying Equipment

Surface Spray

Creates a spray of droplets (20 – 50 microns)

Small capacity sprayers are designed with mobility in mind, ideal for spot spraying

DRIFT makes a valuable addition to any IPM program and will deliver cost effective, rapid, reliable control of a wide variety of pests

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