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DRIFT Industrial Insecticide

Registered for use for spraying, misting or fogging, to control weevils, flour moths and other insect pests of stored food. Flies, vinegar flies, cockroaches, spiders and mites. mosquitoes and midges inside and outside buildings.

  • Ready to use, refined oil base
  • Re-entry once droplets have settled
  • High pyrethrum concentrate means quick kill from less liquid — less oily residues.


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Drift has a much higher concentrate of pyrethrum and PBO than normal mixtures for misting or thermal fogging of flying insects such as mozzies and midges outdoors and grain moths and beetles/weevils in warehouses.

The carrier is a light odourless oil that can be applied through a ULV mister, a thermal fogger or spraying equipment. Drift’s high concentration means faster with less liquid — less oily residues on walkways, machinery and equipment.

Product Sizes:

  • 20 litre cubes
  • 200 litre drums

Active Constituents:

  • Pyrethrins 4 g/L
  • Piperonyl butoxide 24 g/L

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20 litre, 200 Litre