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PYBO Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate

(22 customer reviews)


Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum & Piperonyl Butoxide Insecticide Concentrate

Active Constituents
80 g/L Pyrethrins
320 g/L Piperonyl butoxide

Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate approved for use by the APVMA


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What is the mixing ratio for pyrethrum?
Always check the label, but most uses of Py-Bo are 1ml per litre of water
What is pyrethrum concentrate used for?
Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate is used to kill insects, and being a 1 day withholding period, its spray today and pick tomorrow.
Can you spray pyrethrum on plants?

Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate is perfect for listed vegetables, fruits, flowers, and delicate ornamentals.

How long does pyrethrum last on plants?

Pyrethrums degrade rapidly in sunlight.
For the most impact, spray crop after sundown, by early morning the next day, the pyrethrum residue will be gone.

22 reviews for PYBO Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate

  1. M.A. Oleem (verified owner)

    Highly recommend these guys! Brassica and aphids is a lot of stress.
    Thank you

  2. torp (verified owner)

    Couldn’t get on top of the Lepidoptera (fall armyworms), pybo did the trick

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    A fabulous product. I used this for a cattle spray for buffalo fly during the season. Effective, quick and easy to apply as a diluted spray. Kills and discourages buffalo fly and as a side line acts to deter ticks.

  4. John (verified owner)


  5. SunnyGard (verified owner)

    easy transaction and arrived on time

  6. Lisa (verified owner)

    Thanks again

  7. richieieie (verified owner)

    Easy transaction

  8. Blue Grow (verified owner)

    Tomatoes and cucumbers gets me out of trouble every time

  9. ngr grower (verified owner)

    many thanks

  10. john (verified owner)

    thank you

  11. eating fresh (verified owner)

    So much cheaper than the ready to use

  12. samual (verified owner)

    Always my go to.. to get rid of any insects getting out of control. Aphids, beetles, thrips etc. Haven’t found any bugs it won’t kill. Easy to mix. Always keep it on hand!

  13. liza (verified owner)

    Thanks ion you were right. just had to do it regularly so that i killed the live ones and then spay again after a few days for the nymphs and a few day later for the last round of eggs

  14. nicole (verified owner)

    I only spray it after sunset, allows it to remain active till morning, and it wont affect the bees. This stuff WORKS!

  15. kennith (verified owner)

    Had an extreme aphid explosion on our “plants” (pre-flower) and used it at the recommended strength too
    It was killing those little buggers before I was finished spraying, next day the plants were covered with dead aphids. Not a single live one to be found.
    Very effective.

  16. nathan (verified owner)

    Moths moths moths all dead.

  17. raymond (verified owner)

    We use this in our cannabis production, and brilliant against our aphids. Just remember its a contact spray so once aphids arrive, spray every 3-5 days for a while till all the eggs have hatched too.

  18. Jacob (verified owner)

    I had a severe aphid buildup. I’ve used a number of other chemicals but they were not getting the knock down that i needed.

    Nothing compares to this product! I will still find a aphids but it takes a few cycles to break the life cycle

  19. chuckO (verified owner)

    Great product – works as planned

  20. finanero (verified owner)

    We use it for mosquitoes. Recommend highly!

  21. AntonioVef (verified owner)

    Much cheaper way of buying pyrethrum

  22. Quinton (verified owner)

    Kills all my insects… thank you

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