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PICKET Insecticidal Concentrate


Registered as a grain protectant to prevent an attack from rice weevil, lesser grain borer, rust red flour beetle, confused flour beetle, sawtooth grain beetle, mealworm and grain moths

Apply it to grain going into storage or being transferred between bins

  • Only a 1-day withholding period. If sprayed today, it can be fed to stock tomorrow onwards
  • Protection from insects for 3-6 months
  • A grain protectant which acts like a picket line to keep insects out of the pile! All the beetles, weevils and grain moths that love to attack stored produce are killed and/or repelled by the application of pyrethrins at 3ppm. It is applied to the moving grain going into storage at 1 litre of diluted solution per tonne of grain to give 3-6 months protection.
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How does grain protection happen if pyrethrum has no residue?

Pyrethrum is degraded by ultra violet light.

There’s precious little light deep inside a silo or a heap of grain, so pyrethrins breaks down slowly in the dark. Over months, not hours. The surface grains become vulnerable so it is advisable to cover the top with say black plastic sheeting or maybe sprinkle a permethrin dust over the surface.

The big bonus is that the repellency keeps the female insects away. They aren’t going to lay eggs anywhere near that pyrethrum stuff!

Product Sizes:

  • 1 litre pack
  • 5 litre pack

Active Constituents:

  • Pyrethrins 100 g/L
  • Piperonyl butoxide 600 g/L

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1 Litre, 5 Litre


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