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This is…

The deadliest flower to the insect world

Tanacetum cinerariifolium (yes a Daisy)


Picket Natural Pyrethrum

Protection for insects up to 6 months

1 day with holding

Can be feed to stock tomorrow onwards

Controls all stored grain pests

including phosphine gas resistance strains of

Rice Weevil

Lesser grain borer

Rust-red flour beetle

Saw-toothed grain beetle

Rusty grain beetle

Confused flour beetle

Plodia Moth

Meal worm

For post harvest storage of grains

Store your grain… without feeding the pests







3 litres of Picket to 100 litres of water

Will treat 100 tonnes of Grain

For as little as $5.05 per tonne

Apply it to grain going into storage or being transferred between bins

  • Only a 1-day withholding period.
    If sprayed today, it can be fed to stock tomorrow onwards
  • Protection from insects for 3 – 6 months
  • A grain protectant which acts like a picket line to keep insects out of the pile!
    All the beetles, weevils and grain moths that love to attack stored produce are killed and/or repelled by the application of pyrethrins at 3ppm.
    It is applied to the moving grain going into storage at 1 litre of diluted solution per tonne of grain to give 3 – 6 months protection.

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