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Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate


PyBo is so named using the “Py” from pyrethrum, and “Bo” from PBO (the synergist: piperonyl butoxide)

Active Constituents
80 g/L Pyrethrins, 320 g/L Piperonyl butoxide

This product is approved by the APVMA for many uses as stated on the label 53738/128402— October 2021.


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In a nutshell

Natural pyrethrum will kill every insect it contacts.
It kills within minutes so you can be see immediately whether it is doing the job you expected. It degrades in UV light so the withholding period is just 1 day.

Because it is rapidly metabolised it can be used on food crops and inside food handling areas if you follow label instructions.
The concentrate will keep for years, stored in the shed.

Application techniques

For your first application. find a section of your crop or premises where there are active pests then, using your normal equipment and technique, apply the PyBo solution. Important: check the result within 15 minutes. If you find dead pests it is because they were contacted. If there are live pests it is because they were not contacted so you need to change something physically; the droplet size (larger or smaller) or the angle of nozzles, or the volume of solution for the area. Try another section to assess the result of the changes you’ve made.


Natural pyrethrins is rapidly degraded in mammals and birds and cannot build up to levels which lead to chronic poisoning symptoms. It is possible some people will have allergies and touching nasal passages and other sensitive skin with unwashed hands can lead to discomfort.


There is no petroleum solvent in the formulation to cause leaf burn, however the only plants we know to be affected are continental or Lebanese cucumbers.


PyBo can be tank mixed with foliar fertilisers and fungicides. Wetters and stickers are not required; they just add to your expense for no benefit.

Additional information

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Pests controlled

A wide range of insects and spiders as specified on the label. It kills by contact, pests should be hit by a spray, mist or fog droplet.

Pests not controlled

Pests inside grain kernels or packaging, inside plant tissue (such as fruit fly) and under protective wax (such as scale insects) cannot be contacted and will not be killed.

Withholding period

One day for crops and for grain used for stockfeed.


As soon as the last droplet has settled

PyBo 1ltr label

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Pests covered on the label

The label covers 3 major situations:

– Plant pests

– Biting pests outdoors and

– Flying and crawling pest in buildings.


1: Plant pests.

The label says…


Fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants.


Aphids, ants, cabbage moths and other caterpillars, earwigs, leafhoppers,thrips, whitefly.

About Natural Pyrethrum and beneficial insects and mites

Let’s start with bees. If you wait until the end of the day when all the bees are back in their hives, you can spray to kill all the pest insects on your crop without killing any bees. There is a natual repellency to pyrethrum. (It was once used in Aerogard and other repellents to prevent mozzies and sandflies attacking humans). Even next morning, bees will not go near blossoms, but because Natural pyrethrum readily degrades in UV light, the degradation will be complete by about mid-morning and bees will safely resume their foraging and pollination!

Other beneficial insects and predatory mites will of course be killed by any application of PyBo if they are on the crop at the time. However, because of the rapid degradation, any off-crop survivors can return (once there are new pests to eat). Many growers program a PyBo spray once the crop is at a stage where pests are just beginning to make their impact and before they introduce the beneficials. And another application is often programmed just before the finished crop is removed — this reduces/eliminates any remaining pests on the crop and avoids further pest-breeding nearby.

Of course, if the beneficials are not coping with the pest population, the PyBo spray can retrieve the situation before it costs you lost yield. And, there is only a 1-day withholding period — you can gain and maintain control right up until harvest!


Because of bureaucratic oversite, our PyBo should not be used on herbs because they did not set MRLs (Maximum Residue Limits) on the PBO or piperonyl butoxide component on herbs for sale. Despite the fact that there is an acceptable MRL for PBO on vegetables such as lettuce, you cannot spray, basil, rosemary and other herbs that share the same salad bowl!

2: Biting pests outdoors.

The label says…




Adult mosquitoes, midges ,flies and other flying insects.

About Natural Pyrethrum and Party Pests

Mozzies, midges and sandflies will kill the mood at outdoor BBQs, weddings, wakes and other outdoor events unless you kill off these biting pests before proceedings begin. Natural Pyrethrum makes the whole area repellent for a couple of hours after misting, fogging or spraying.

About Pyrethrum and cattle feedots.

Spraying dairy cows as they leave the holding yard after the morning milking gives them relief from biting flies as they graze and then chewe their cud prior to the afternoon milking… delivering substantially more milk!

The same relief is available for cattle plagued by biting flies in feedlots although it is more challenging to apply to yarded cattle than those going out through a race or gate. It can be done with misting equipment and it will need to be done maybe twice daily. The PyBo kills the flies it hits and the droplets that land on the coat provide repellency similar to that expected in the section just above. During the period when biting flies are at their worst and the cattle weight-gain rate drops back, the use of PyBo is likely to increase weight-gain by at least 1kg/day.

Call 1800 12345 7 to talk with me about it.

3: Flying and crawling pest in ALL buildings.

The label says…


Domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, including: food processing establishments, shops, factories, hotels and motels, ships and shipping containers, offices, schools, storerooms, warehouses, hospitals, barracks, private houses and external areas associated with such establishments. Agricultural buildings, including storage sheds, milking sheds, other high density animal production sheds, barns, kennels and stables.


Mosquitoes, flies, midges, ants, silverfish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles and other flying insects.

About Natural Pyrethrum and arthropod pests in and around buildings.

PyBo is extremely versatile. Simplified: it kills any insect, spider or other arthropod if contacted by a droplet. If the pest is inside a crack or crevice, you can spray to wet inside the crevice. If the pest is say, a grain pest inside a bag or package, it will not be contactable and will not die (it may emerge later).

There is no residue after UV light breaks it down, however, there is less UV light indoors and almost none inside a crevice, meaning the killing (and repellency) will last longer.

The label says “DO NOT spray the moving parts of any machinery, electric motors or switchgear” which is good sense and, to “avoid contact with food, food utensils or places where food is prepared. Clean up thoroughly before processing/serving resumes” More common sense.